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The name NEXUS derives from the words "Bonding and Linking".

NEXUS group, the first main headquarters was founded in Tianjin, China in 2009.
Ever since, NEXUS group have expanded their businesses specifically in Asian region, in three countries having 7 branches in total including the main headquarters located in Tianjin. (Japan, China and Indonesia)

We strongly believe our success so far, has been contributed to by the collective efforts of great engineers and our extensive knowledge, expertise in the heating technology field. However, we would not have come to this point if it wasn't our loyal customers, despite economic downturn precipitated by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008, commonly known "Lehman shock".
The name NEXUS derives from the words "Bonding and Linking" that means there is something that keeps us united, we share the same thoughts. Our objective is to create the international entity that operates with no physical boundaries and our aim is to provide super network that allow us to Transfer superb technologies all over the world.

Moreover, the most of our managers, engineers are mid of thirties that makes it even more powerful team to pursuit our goal with no fear. We do and always will expand our business in order to create unprecedented global scale business model with our maximum efforts to support our customers as well as potential customers anywhere in the world.

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